CCTV systems

With the use of strategically places cameras, problems can be identified at source to enable appropriate action to be taken, for example:

Picking out wrongdoers in a crowd.
Monitoring an organisation’s key operations.

A bespoke system installed to monitor internal and/or external environments will protect people and property against potential threats - theft, vandalism, violence etc.

High definition continuous real time recording
Recent advances in digital video recorders has greatly increased the resolution, capacity and retrieval speed.  When an incident occurs, it is  recorded as it happens - enabling subsequent analysis.

We can design and install anything from a single static camera to a fully monitored site with remote connectivity to a monitoring centre for enhanced security.

We also provide a maintenance service.

We are an NSI Gold certified company and all of our work complies with industry standards.

Although many look upon a CCTV system as a deterrent, today’s technology offers much more…