WC Alarms

All disabled WC facilities should be fitted with a ‘call for assistance’ alarm system that enables the user to call for help if required.  We can readily install a system that complies with building regulations and also suits your exact requirements, even down to the choice of finish, for example stainless steel.

Our kits are waterproof and include:

  • Pull cord alarm units with reset buttons that can be operated from two levels – one being near the floor in case of a fall. The pull cord being of a hygienic anti-ligature design.
  • WC alarm light positioned on the external wall above the WC door, that will flash red and emit an audible tone when activated by the WC occupant.
  • Remote indication options to give effective two-way communication between the WC occupant and administrators to provide assurance that help is on the way.
  • Integration with other systems such as a fire alarm system, nurse call etc.

MRM Solutions can install disabled WC alarm systems that comply with building regulations and suits your requirements