Gate + Door Automation

custom video installation

At MRM Solutions, we provide door and gate automation services for properties and premises of all sizes. Our experienced team can provide assistance and impartial advice throughout the process to ensure that your door and gate automation meets your needs.

Automated gates and doors provide increased safety and security for you and your premises. When used in conjunction with an access control system, an automated door or gate can be incredibly effective with regards to preventing intruders and other unwanted persons from entering your property.

We offer a wide range of access control systems that have the ability to work alongside your automated doors and gates. This allows you to decide on the level of security and sophistication that is necessary for you.

Should you experience any issues with your door and gate automation, we provide continued support and maintenance and can help you to solve any problems as quickly as possible. This ensures that your doors and/or gates have minimal downtime and are always working to further secure your property.