Fire Alarm Systems

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The implementation of a fire alarm system on your property can drastically improve safety in the event of an incident. At MRM Solutions, we offer design, installation, commissioning, and maintenance services for fire alarm systems, regardless of the type of premises.

We design fire alarm systems that vary in sophistication and can help you decide on the appropriate solution for your property based on your needs. Whether you’re looking for a basic setup for your home or an advanced 24-hour monitoring system connected to an alarm receiving centre that can immediately deal with problems by contacting key holders and local fire services, MRM solutions are capable of installing the system and providing you with impartial expert advice throughout the process.

Alarms can be activated manually by someone striking a ‘break glass’ call point, or by automatic detectors sensing a source of smoke, heat or carbon monoxide. When activated, sounders or bells will inform occupants to evacuate the building. Our control panels have full zone indication enabling quick identification of potential fires showing where the fire starts and in what direction it’s moving. This information helps occupants evacuate the building safely and assists the fire brigade to quickly locate the fire.