Data & Fibre Optic Networks

fibre optic data solutions

At MRM Solutions, our network installation and engineering team is both highly qualified and professional, as well as having a wealth of experience in their field. This ensures that we always deliver a high-quality service and provide our customers with an exceptional network infrastructure.

Our team is capable of supplying and installing:

  • Cat 5e data networks.
  • Cat 6 data networks.
  • Fibre optic data networks.
  • Wireless data networks and radio or laser building-to-building site links.

We also offer continued maintenance and support for your infrastructure in order to ensure you have a point of contact that can assist you with any issues that you may be experiencing.

Once completed, our network installation will always be verified using the latest Fluke testing equipment in order to ensure that your infrastructure is operating with the best data speeds possible.

Full documentation of the test results can also be provided for your reference files