CCTV Installation

cctv installation

CCTV installation on your property could prove to be much more than just a deterrent, with today’s technology offering a wide variety of functions that can help you to prevent issues from occurring.

  • Recognise and stop problems at the source
  • Identify wrongdoers in a crowd
  • Monitoring key operations within organisations
  • Our CCTV installation services can be applied to both internal and external environments, protecting people and property from potential threats such as theft, vandalism, violence, etc.
  • Recent advances in digital video recording have greatly increased the resolution, capacity, and retrieval speed. When an incident occurs, it is recorded as it happens, thus enabling subsequent analysis.

At MRM Solutions, we offer expert CCTV installation, design, and maintenance services, fitting anything from a single camera to a fully monitored site with remote connectivity to a monitoring centre. Our systems further enhance the security of your property, making you less vulnerable to crime and subsequently providing you with peace of mind.