data access system solutions

At MRM Solutions, we provide door entry and access control systems don’t just give you the security you need, but can also integrate with other aspects of your security in order to meet your exact requirements.

Our access control systems provide a number of benefits with regards to the safety of your premises, for example:

  • You have full control over who is allowed to enter your premises and you can allow authorised personnel to access specific areas.
  • You can restrict access based on the time.
  • You can minimise the risk of theft or trespassing on your property
  • You can maximise the security of your premises and assets
  • You can integrate your access control system with the time and attendance of employees, contractors, and visitors.

With a range of different solutions to offer such as keypads, fingerprint readers, microchip tags, and state of the art turnstiles, we can design and install completely bespoke and cost-effective access control systems whilst providing on-going maintenance. In addition to this, our systems are also scalable, meaning that we can continue to improve and expand them as opposed to replacing the entire system.